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Year Team
2021 Due to the Corona Virus, no competitions were completed this year.
2020 Under 10Div2Gold  Under 11Div2Silver   Under 12Div1Gold  Under 13Div2Gold  Under 14Div1Gold(1)GirlsTag
2019 Under 9Silver1GirlsTag Pic1  Pic2   Under 15SilverGirlsTag Pic1 Pic2  Over 35TagGold Pic1  Pic2
Under 17Gold   Emerging Cup Pic1 Pic2   Open Gold Pic1  Pic2  Pic3
2018 Under 9Div2GirlsTouch Pic 1 Pic2   Under 13Div2Team1GirlsTouch
2017 Under 14Bronze Pic1  Pic2  Under 15Gold Pic1  Pic2
2016 Under 13Div2 Pic1  Pic2  Under 13Div3 Pic1  Pic2 Under 17 Div1 Pic1  Pic2
2015 Under 13Div3 1st Grade Pic1  Pic2
2014 Under 9C Pic1  Pic2 Under 10B Pic1  Pic2  1st Grade Pic1  Pic2
2013 Under 8B Pic1  Pic2 Under 10B Pic1  Pic2 Under 11B Pic1  Pic2  Pic3
2012 Under 8A Pic1  Pic2
2011 Nil
2010 Nil
2009 Under 11B Under 14B
2008 Under 19 Pic1  Pic2
2007 Nil
2006 Under 8C  Under 14B
2005 Under 10B
2004 Under 8B  Under 11B  Under 11A  Under 12B  Under 16
2003 Under 12B  Under 13A Under 15A  A Grade Pic1  Pic2
2002 Under 14A Under 15A(2)  A Grade
2001 Under 13A  Under 21
2000 Under 12A  Under21
1999 Under 10B  Under 11A  Under 12B
1998 Under 10A Under 16 Under 17 Under 19
1997 Under 9A
1996 Under 8A  A Reserves A Grade
1995 Under 14B Under 14A
1994 Under 13A  A Grade
1993 Under 12A  A Grade
1992 Under 16  Under 21 Pic1  Pic2  A Grade
1991 Under 9B  Under 11B Team 1
1990 Nil
1989 Under 19  A Grade
1988 Under 14A  Under 17
1987 Under 23
1986 Under 7B  Under 11A Under 12A  Under 19
1985 Under 10A
1984 Under 9A Pic1  Pic2  Under 17
1983 Under 8A  Under 9B  Under 12A  Under 15A Under 19  Under 23
1982 Under 7A  Under 11A  Under 14A  Under 15A
1981 Under 6  Under 11B  Under 13A
1980 Under 7A  Under 11A  Under 15A
1979 Under 10A  Under 13A  Under 14A  Under 15A
1978 Under7C  Under 12A  Under 13A  Under 14A
1977 Under 8A  Under 9A  Under 10A  Under 12A
1976 Under 7A  Under 8A  Under 9A  Under 10Under 11A  Under 13B
1975 Under 7A  Under 8B  Under 8A  Under 9A  Under 10A
1974 Under 7B1  Under 8A  Under 9A  Under 11A  Under 14B
1973 Under 8A  Under 9c  Under 10A  Under 11B  Under 12A
1972 Under 7A  Under 8A  Under 9A Under 10C  Under 10B  Under 11B Under 11A Under 12C  A Grade
1971 Under 7C  Under 7A  Under 8B  Under 8A  Under 10A  Under 12C Under 13C  Under 15B  A Grade
1970 Under 7B  Under 7A  Under 13C  Under 15B  A Grade  A Grade Re-Union 2017
1969 Under 9B  Under 13B  Under 14C
1968 9B  Under 10B Under 11A Under 14B
1967 Under 11C  Under 13C
1966 Under 9B
1965 Nil
1964 Nil
1963 Nil
1962 M Grade (Under 10’s ?) Played in the Sutherland-Cronulla DJRFL Assn.
1961 Nil
1960 Under 10 (Played in the St George District)
1959 Nil
1958 Nil

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